Meet Juraj, the beating heart of our ski school.

With a passion for skiing that spans an impressive 25 seasons, Juraj’s journey in the world of skiing has taken him across the globe. He’s carved pristine slopes in Austria, explored the powdery wonderland of Australia and New Zealand, and graced the legendary St. Moritz in Switzerland. However, it’s in Zermatt where Juraj’s dream found its roots, and it’s here where his legacy as a ski instructor truly shines.

For the past 12 seasons, Juraj has been a fixture in Zermatt, turning his dream into reality by establishing his very own ski school. His deep knowledge and unmatched experience have made him a sought-after ski instructor for clients worldwide.

It’s not just about learning to ski with Juraj; it’s about embarking on an unforgettable journey, relishing the beauty of the Swiss Alps and all that a world-class ski resort has to offer.

But Juraj’s love for skiing isn’t exclusive to experts or thrill-seekers. He’s equally passionate about sharing the slopes with anyone eager to learn or simply revel in the joy of skiing. Juraj firmly believes that professionalism, knowledge sharing, and creating emotional comfort are the cornerstones of being an exceptional ski instructor.

What sets Juraj apart is his unwavering commitment to quality over quantity. He ensures that every member of his team embodies these core principles when teaching and guiding clients, making your satisfaction and trust the most crucial indicators of success.

Notably, Juraj holds the prestigious ISIA Card, the highest international qualification for ski instructors, and possesses the Swiss patent, a testament to his expertise and dedication.

„Together, we’ll create memories on the slopes that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.”


Introducing Nikola: Soul of our ski school.

Meet Nikola, a skilled ski instructor with an impressive 16 seasons of experience. Her journey into the world of skiing began with a background in competitive racing, which she pursued until the age of 18. However, her story is far from ordinary; it’s a tale of passion and dedication.

Nikola is cherished by her returning clients for her authentic, professional, and compassionate approach. What truly sets her apart is her remarkable ability to empathize with her clients, understanding their emotions and needs. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner seeking emotional support, Nikola is here to make your skiing adventure unforgettable.

Nikola lives by the motto “Dare to care.” She deeply cares about your skiing experience and personal growth, all while motivating you to become the best skier you can be.

Over a decade ago, Nikola arrived in Zermatt alongside Juraj, and together they’ve played a crucial role in creating an exceptional ski school. Her journey has taken her to various corners of the globe, including the Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, and the stunning ski resorts of Switzerland. Zermatt is where she has truly found her calling, a place where her love for skiing and commitment to her clients shine the brightest.

For Nikola, being a ski instructor isn’t just about mastering the technical aspects of skiing. It’s about embodying qualities like professionalism, empathy, and the ability to establish genuine connections with her clients. These are the fundamental attributes that distinguish an outstanding instructor.

Nikola’s greatest reward is witnessing her clients thrive on the slopes, conquering new challenges, and experiencing the sheer joy of skiing. If you’re searching for an extraordinary ski instructor who will motivate you to excel while wholeheartedly caring about your journey, look no further than Nikola.